Solarizer (Solar Adaptor) is an intelligent device which converts existing non-solar home inverter into a solar inverter/ PCU, without changing the existing inverter, battery and wiring. It uses solar energy to charge the battery and maximizes the use of solar power with minimal use of conventional grid power. It allows Mains/Grid power to cater to the load only when the battery is discharged below the preset level and till the battery reaches upto a pre-defined charge level or at night time, when Solar PV in absent. This ensures energy security to the user and also helps to reduce his energy cost.
Features :
Compatible with all types of battery.
Compatible with all makes of Inverters/UPS and battery
Solar PV priority battery charging
Automatic operation between solar, battery and AC Grid /Mains with solar priority in day time and Grid priority in night time
Automatic changeover between Solar and AC Mains/Grid
Suitable for 12V and 24V battery system
User friendly LED indication
Option for Grid charging is provided in case of low Solar PV charging
Auto Bypass during product failure, without effecting normal operation of Home Inverter/UPS.
Protection Against :
Reverse connection of Battery and Solar PV.
Over Charging, Dip discharging of battery.
Short circuit (Fuse base).
Available Range:
• For 12V : 20A /40A
• For 24V : 20V/40A