A photovoltaic junction box is an important device of a solar PV array. It is also referred to as PV Combiner Box or Array Junction Box. It collects DC power from several PV input strings to be connected in parallel with blocking diode, fuse and surge protection device on each PV input string before transferring the power to DCDB /PCU/Inverter. Enclosures of all junction boxes are made of FRP/polycarbonate material which is protected against dust, water, vermin contamination and meets IP54 standards for outdoor application. Junction boxes also have suitable cable entry points, with suitable glanding /MC4 connector arrangement, for both input and output cables with protection as per MNRE standard.


CONTROL PANEL Specially designed for distribution of power (supply) into different subsidiary circuits with protections (fuse, circuit-breakers etc.).The control panel comprises of DC Distribution Box (DCDB) in PV/Battery side and AC Distribution Box (ACDB) in Load/Grid side, with suitable powder coated metal casing box as per IP21 standards, for indoor application. Circuit breakers/Switches/Connectors (IS 60947), panel lamps, energy meters are also housed inside, which are used to operate, indicate and measure DC electrical parameters in the DCDB, and AC electrical parameters in the ACDB. All panels are manufactured as per MNRE standard.


The DC Energy Meter is a dual channel DC multifunction meter for measurement of DC energy, from SPV and battery, for Off-Grid/Grid connected SPV applications. It measures DC electrical parameters like voltage, ampere, ampere-hour(Ah) and Kilo-Watt-Hour (kWh). The battery charging and discharging parameters can be monitored by using this meter. This instrument has an optional RS 485 output port for RM interface.