MPPT Based Battery Charger

The Maximum Power Point Tracking is a mechanism that can harvest maximum power from solar array. The tracking algorithm is fully automatic and does not need operator adjustment.

Under most conditions, this MPPT will boost the charging current if the VMP is greater than the battery voltage. This MPPT charger has a 3-stage battery charging algorithm to charge the battery quickly with highest efficiency and safety.

Bulk Charging Stage 

In this stage of charging, maximum available solar power will be pushed into the battery, until the battery voltage reaches to the Bulk voltage set point.

Absorption Charging Stage 

During Absorption stage, the controller will maintain the battery voltage to Bulk voltage set point for a predefined period known as Absorption-Time. This is also known as constant-voltage (CV) charging. This will prevent the battery from heating and excessive gassing.

Float Charging Stage

During Float stage, the controller will try to maintain the battery voltage to Float voltage set level.

All the parameters- Bulk Voltage, Float Voltage, Float Cancel Voltage, Absorption duration are settable. These parameters setting is required for various system voltage and type of battery.

Specification (Default):

Nominal Battery Voltage  :  120V

PV Input Voltage  :  350V Max.

PV Input  :  10KWp Max.

Bulk Voltage Set Point  :  146.0V (@2.43V/Cell) adjustable (0°C reference)

Float Voltage Set Point  : 135.0V (@2.25V/Cell) adjustable (0°C reference)

Float Cancel Set Point  : 130.0V (@2.25V/Cell) adjustable (0°C reference)

Absorption Duration  :  180 Minute adjustable

Temperature Compensation  :  »5mV/°C/Cell

Display  :  2x16 Character LCD Display

Display Parameters  :  Batter Voltage, Battery Current, SPV Voltage, SPV Current,Charging Stage & Heatsink Temperature status (Normal/Moderate/Overheat)

NB: The above default Specifications can be customized as per customer demand.